Belga Queen

Concept by Antoine Pinto
Antoine Pinto's desire to create getaway spaces which offer a gastronomic trip throughout Belgium is the foundation of the Belga Queen brasserie adventure.

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    Antoine Pinto's desire to create getaway spaces which offer a gastronomic trip throughout Belgium is the foundation of the Belga Queen brasserie adventure.

    In a landmark building dating from the 18th century (previously housing the Hôtel de la Poste and then the Crédit du Nord bank) Antoine Pinto created an establishment breaking away from the traditional brasserie, elbow-to-elbow style. Contemporary architecture and gastronomy meet each other in an amazing way.

    At Belga Queen the Belgian cuisine is adapted to today's taste, lightened and given a very national touch through the addition of beer to numerous dishes.

     Original, high-quality products are chosen with care from Belgian artisans who still have respect for the soil.

    The wines come from Belgian producers and the Ponti coffee is from a selection of 'pure Arabica' coffee beans from various continents and roasted locally.

    All these characteristics make the brasserie Belga Queen the ambassador of "made in Belgium".

    A brasserie where, either for a business dinner or for a meal shared with friends and family, all your senses are stimulated: taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell.

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    Antoine Pinto has given the superb Hôtel de la Poste with its entrance hall and late 19th century stained-glass windows, a complete new lease of life.

    The metamorphosis the building has undergone - from a bank in true belle époque style to a multifunctional complex housing a restaurant, an oyster bar, a beer bar and a cigar lounge - reveals clearly his respect for the original space and volumes.

    In the space following the reception room one's eye is immediately attracted to the ceiling or more precisely the richly decorated cornice. Antoine Pinto has opted for a concept with club chairs and guest tables, allowing the space to breathe again, light years away from the cramped brasseries found elsewhere.

    At Belga Queen, all products used in the creation of the stunning dishes are of the highest quality and come exclusively from Belgian sources. Pinto swears by Belgian ingredients, Belgian dishes, Belgian beers and, maybe more surprisingly, Belgian wines.

    Pinto uses his very personal definition: his brasserie style cuisine is above all a cuisine of top quality ingredients, served without perversion or showing off, but always in search of originality. And even more so, an original surrounding that breaks with the classic image of the stereotype French brasserie.
    The menu of the restaurant reflects 39 years of experience of the host.

    Monday to Thursday :               12pm to 2:30pm – 6:30pm to 11pm                                   

    Friday :                                    12pm to 2:30pm – 6:30pm to midnight                                     

    Saturday :                                6:30pm to midnight

    Closed on public holidays (except if Friday or Saturday night) and on December 24th evening.

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BQ Compilation I

BQ Compilation I

Queens Voices
Selected and mixed by Joaquin Baixa & Patrick Balzat.

BQ Compilation II

BQ Compilation II

His mistress voice
Selected and mixed by Joaquin Baixa & Patrick Balzat

Le Consul de Bordeaux

Le Consul de Bordeaux

Original soundtrack of the movie 'Le Consul de Bordeaux'.
Music composed and conducted by Henri Seroka.
Vocals by Lina Rodrigues.


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